Caring for our skin is something men and women both worry about. It’s never enjoyable to deal with dry or oily skin that can cause conditions such as acne and overall itchiness. If you really care about what you use on your skin, you should follow the rule of thumb that anything your put on your face or skin should be safe enough to eat. With different perfumes, synthetics and other ingredients present store manufactured products, making our own beauty products might just be the best alternative. Here we offer you a few ideas for skin masques that are made from natural ingredients that can be found in your own home and that will not cause your skin any problems. These are skin care beauty treatment you should try on a regular basis.

Let’s start with excessively oily skin. Most of the time manufactured products are too harsh on the skin and don’t absorb the oil like it should. If you do find a product that works, you could be left with extremely dry skin. Trying to find a happy medium with store bought products can be difficult. Make a masque of honey and one egg white and apply it to the problem areas. Leave it on for 10 minutes than wash off with a mild cleanser. Papaya pulp with lemon juice, fruit juice with vitamin C and cooked carrots with honey can also be used to make a masque that will soak up the excessive oils.

We all know that cucumber slices are great to lighten dark circles from your eyes and make them feel cool. You can also use grated raw potato wrapped in a piece of cheesecloth. By applying both of them to your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes at a time, you’ll notice that the dark circles have faded. This technique also reduces eye puffiness and can be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Apply a restorative eye gel that contains COQ10, brown algae, vitamin E, and other ingredients that will nourish the eyes.

Dry skin can be handled with a masque made of 1 tablespoon of olive oil mixed with 2 tablespoons of fresh cream. Apply it to your face and leave it on for ten minutes to hydrate and nourish your skin. You should make sure that the two ingredients are as fresh as possible and do not have any flavoring or preservatives in them. To control dry skin, you should use this masque once a week for the best results possible.

Finally, honey makes a great facial masque for any type of skin. If you can get your hands on active manuka honey, then you will have the most effective skin care product nature can provide. Before smearing the honey all over your face, open your pores up by applying a very warm and damp towel to your face. Apply the honey and leave it on your face for twenty minutes for the best results. Rinse the honey off with warm water and then splash cold water over your face to make sure your pores are closed before gently patting your face dry. You can add plain, natural yogurt to the honey for a more nourishing masque. Apply this once a week to your face and you’ll notice your skin is smoother and softer than before.

Natural skin care products – either ones that are 100% natural from a manufacturer or ones that you make yourself – are the best items to use on your skin. Try to stay away from harsh chemicals and ingredients. They will do more damage to your skin than you can imagine. By taking care of your skin now, you will be thankful in the future.


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