Terms & Conditions

Consultations for any kind of skin treatment or injectable procedure are completely free of charge here. However, a deposit of twenty-five pounds is required in order to schedule appointments. During the consultation, you will receive a full refund of this, or it may be used to the cost of a treatment of your choice. Cancellations of appointments require a notice of at least 48 hours. In the event that you do not submit the required notification, the deposit of £25 that you made will instantly become non-refundable.


When making an appointment, you will be requested to pay a deposit of fifty pounds. This is done in order to give our customers with quick and accessible scheduled appointments (including free consultations).
If you cancel your reservation without providing the required 48-hour notice, you will lose the £50 deposit that was placed on it.

Appointments That Were Not Kept

This includes not showing up for your appointment at all or arriving late, which will prohibit your consultation and/or treatment from happening. In the event that you do not submit the required notification, the deposit that you made will be lost.

Not present for evaluation appointments

This includes either not showing up for your appointment or being late for your appointment, which prevents you from being evaluated and/or from receiving further treatment. This appointment will be considered abandoned and lost if you do not show up for the planned review. You will not be given the opportunity to reschedule the examination at any point. If you are unable to attend your review appointment, you must provide 48 hours’ notice in advance. Please take notice that the initial date of treatment must be followed by at least 28 days before a review session may be booked. It is up to you to make sure that you are available for treatment evaluations at the appropriate times. On the day that you have your first treatment, you will also be given the opportunity to arrange all of your subsequent sessions.


If you are unable to keep your booked appointment, we ask that you give us a notice of at least 48 hours in advance so that we can provide that appointment time to another patient.

The associated expenses

The prices that we have provided are just an estimate, and a final price can only be determined after consultation. Prices are subject to change at any time with no prior warning.

Free stuff and other giveaways

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other ongoing promotions. The management will consider any and all promotional offers for any service, but they have the right to decline them. When arranging your first appointment, you are required to mention the offer code.

Discounts Based on the Total Course of Treatment

We are aware that for many people, the ability to pay for treatment courses is not feasible. At Ship of Fear, you have the option to “pay as you go” when it comes to purchasing a treatment course (such as chemical peels or microneedling, for example). On the other hand, you have the option of paying for the treatment course in advance. The whole amount is due as soon as each service is completed, and any discounts or savings that have been advertised will be deducted from that total (s). If your practitioner has not agreed to something else in advance, all treatments need to be finished within a year of the date of the first treatment. Any treatments that have not been utilised by the time the one-year anniversary of the date of purchase rolls around will be forfeited. Each individual treatment course does not qualify for a refund and cannot be transferred to another patient. If you have already paid for a course of treatments but are unable to complete it for medical reasons, we will issue a refund determined by subtracting the full list price of all treatment options taken, such as those surrendered for non-attendance, from the overall cost of the course of treatments paid for and then refunding the difference. If you have already paid for a course of treatments but are unable to complete it for medical reasons, we will issue a refund. We do not offer refunds or money transfers in the event that the individual experiences short-term or temporary adverse effects such as reddening, bruising, swelling, minor burning or blistering, hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Additionally, we do not offer refunds or money transfers in the event that the individual experiences uncommon adverse effects such as scarring or permanent discoloration.

Mention a Friend

We would consider it a great honour if you were to recommend us to your friends, and as a token of our gratitude, we provide an unrivalled referral programme that benefits both you and the person you recommend (see *below). This offer is restricted to residents of the United Kingdom who are at least 18 years old. The discounts are not valid in conjunction with any other sales or promotions. Consultations and products for the care of the skin are not eligible for discounts. Your buddy must be a first-time user of our products or services. Your friend has to go through with and pay for a treatment within six months of being referred to them in order for them to be eligible for the discount. As a thank-you for bringing in your buddy for their initial treatment, you, as the person who brought them in, will receive a discount on your subsequent session. The validity of your discount is limited to a single session and will be calculated over a period of six months. There are no limits placed on the number of recommendations that one individual may make. There will be no cash available, nor will any other choices be made available.